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Finally got a Windows share to share

For years, our main gaming computer (which we call the “Titan”) would just not share with any other computers.

It couldn’t host multiplayer games.

It couldn’t share a printer.

It wouldn’t share files.

You couldn’t access multimedia of any sort over it.

I had absolutely no idea what the problem was — it was a very old Windows XP installation, probably four years or more, and had gone through Windows XP SP1, SP2, and SP3, so there’s no telling.

It might’ve been some service I turned off years ago, or (more than likely) an old remnant  of Norton Antivirus (a horrible, horrible program) that refused to let go.

I noticed that my much newer gaming PC would work just fine, and that it was running the exact same services that the Titan was running, so I was stumped.  You couldn’t even ping the Titan if you wanted to.

So, on a whim, I search for “cannot ping Windows XP computer” on Google, and found this:

Try this to reset TCP/IP in XP:

Click Start -> Run -> CMD

At the prompt type:


via Help! Unable to ping machine on the network – Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003.

And it worked.  I don’t know what it did, but it worked.  I think it reset completely the way that TCP/IP worked on Windows, because when the Titan restarted, my IP settings were completely reset, but I could ping it. And it shared files.  And it could host games (I think).

Either way, I’m happy!

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