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Retired WoW Addons: November 2010

Just a few more that have been abandoned since the 4.0.1 patch:


Apparently, MapNotes is no more.  Trying to find an addon that will import my many years of notes that I’ve made with this addon.  (It’s seriously been one of the most helpful for questing with alts.)

I have a long history with this addon — for the longest time, I used it WAY back in the day, and then with the release of TBC, it stopped working.  Thankfully, there was “Metamap,” which imported MapNotes map points just fine. (Metamap doesn’t even have a Curse page — I used to have to download it directly from the author’s website.)

However, it in turn stopped working with version 3.0 of WoW, but MapNotes came back with a fan update!  (A fan update is where a fan of a defunct addon is able to get in contact with the original addon maintainer, and gets them to give them control over it.)  But, now MapNotes no longer works anymore, either, and I’m stuck trying to find a replacement.  Looking at HandyNotes for now — apparently there’s some way to get it to import MapNotes points.

SellValue and SellFish

Long live SellValue!  I used this addon for the LONGEST time, and it was an absolute lifesaver.

Out questing and need to know if that stack of gray shit you’ve been collecting is worth it to keep?  SellValue would tell you how much it was worth (dependent upon prices you had seen before).  This addon worked for the longest time, even though it hadn’t been updated since forever.

Even though it was still working wit version 3.0, I started using an updated addon called “SellFish” — however, as you can see, WoW integrated this functionality into the core game with version 3.2, so there’s no need for either addon anymore!


AnnoyRP was a neat little plugin everyone started using back in my heavy guild-RP days (god, that sounds so dorky). It had amazing functionality — based upon certain events in the game that you set it to notice, i.e. mounting up, casting a certain spell, it would /s certain things.

For instance, you could set it to say “Hi Ho, Silver, Away!” every time you mounted up (or a certain random amount of times, or even a certain random choice out of a group of phrases).  As you can imagine, it was LOADS of fun.

It stopped working some time ago, but the author made Chatterbox to make up for it.  Did the same thing, worked great.  However, now the author has left WoW (back in July over the whole RealID thing, which sadly enough didn’t even happen!), so who knows?  It seems to work fine for now, but that could stop at any minute with version 4.0.2 of WoW.

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