Retired World of Warcraft Addons: October 2010


Used it for years — loved the waypoint lines that it would make on your map (tracking routes from one quest to another), and the waypoint arrow at the top of the screen.  Now built-in to WoW, and there’s no need for it anymore.  Even the dev is leaving it.


Also built-in to WoW now, although the implementation isn’t as good as the addon’s — you can’t look at someone else and zoom into them, for instance.  This was one of those addons that, while being a mild modification to the game UI, you still found yourself using it nearly every single time you logged on.

Hopefully, there won’t be more to come! :P


One more: PerformanceFu. Hasn’t updated in about 2 years.  Liked it because it would let you see some cool stats right from your FuBar —  I’ve noticed that his seems to be built-in to the standard WoW button menu now.  So long!

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