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What’s In Trump’s Tax Returns From 2005 – The Atlantic

The president paid roughly $38 million in taxes on $150 million in income that year, the journalist David Cay Johnston reported on Tuesday.

Source: What’s In Trump’s Tax Returns From 2005 – The Atlantic

Wait — so the tweeter-in-chief did  pay taxes at some point in the past?  If, as we take it from his own words, that not paying taxes is “smart,” does this mean he’s un-smart?

Unified Internal Storage for Android 6.0+

Thinking about using Unified Internal Storage on Android 6.0+ to expand your phone’s measly internal storage?  Don’t even think about using it with anything other than a UHS-II SD card — even if your phone will let you use a slower card, don’t do it — your performance will be terrible.

It seems like it has to be UHS-II, for some reason (maybe it’s random r/w speeds?). I tried with even a very, very fast UHS-I, that benchmarked nearly the same, but Android wasn’t satisfied with it, giving the “This SD card is slow” warning.

The best priced one I could find out there (that you’d want to use) was a 32GB one: