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Kinect Hand Detection

I remember when Minority Report came out eight years ago, the talk was that we wouldn’t see this type of tech in our lifetime.

Now we do, only you don’t have to wear the silly fingertip thingies, and it’s made with a hacked-up video game peripheral.

…and back to Firefox 2.0.

No offense, but I just can’t use 3.0 anymore for development. -_-‘

If it wasn’t for the fact that my Greasemonkey scripts only selectively work now (I’ve yet to figure out why some of them work and some of them don’t — and these are simple, simple scripts)…

Or that my favorite extension, TabMixPlus hasn’t been fully updated yet and is still just a development copy and could be causing problems…

It’s that Firebug doesn’t work correctly (the 3.0 version is still in beta, and is sometimes erratic as hell when I’m developing) — this is the deal breaker. I need Firebug for web development, and if it doesn’t work correctly, that’s a problem. If it’s not the fact that my watch variables I’ve set are constantly disappearing, it’s the fact that when I go to another tab briefly and come back to the my development tab, Firebug ceases to be responsive.

So, for now, I’ve moved back to Firefox 2.0 — I haven’t uninstalled 3.0, though. I’m actually running 2.0 from a portable copy (via I’ll keep updating 3.0 in the hopes that these issues are slowly fixed, and then move back over to it — I mean, I do like the new version, trust me. If it’s not the “AWESOME BAR” it’s the new extension and plugin controls. And if it’s not that, it’s the speed and memory usage — it is a lot faster than 2.0.

But, anyway — Firefox 2.0 portable. Now, the problem with running it from a portable copy is you can’t use your old profile (if you’ve saved it via FEBE or something). Firefox 2.0 portable doesn’t support the “-profilemanager” flag to load the profile manager — for all I know, it can’t do it at all because of the way Firefox Portable was designed. So, the question is: how to get my old saved Firefox 2.0 profile (via FEBE .fbu file) into my copy of Firefox 2.0 portable so that I can use it?

Easy — an FEBE .fbu file is just an archive; unpack it with your favorite unpacker. (These instructions are for Windows, by the way.)

Now, in your Firefox Portable folder, navigate to “/Data/profile”. Save everything in this folder as an archive first, just to be sure — delete everything in this folder afterwards.

Finally, copy everything in the unpacked FEBE .fbu file to the “/Data/profile” folder in your Firefox portable folder.

Then, restart and you’re done! Now, happily develop away.

Stop Windows from Copying Files Accidentally When Ctrl-Click Selecting

Fixing Annoyances: Stop Windows from Copying Files Accidentally When Ctrl-Click Selecting :: the How-To Geek

Have you ever tried to select a bunch of files in Windows Explorer while holding down the Ctrl key, and then all of a sudden there are duplicate copies of all of those files sitting in the folder? Really irritating, so how do we fix it?

And to think I’ve used TweakUI for nearly 6 years now without finding out about this little tip. This “accidental copying” of files in the Windows Explorer regularly annoys the ever-loving-HELL out of me, especially when you’re selecting a lot of (big) files and then all of a sudden your system slows down to a crawl as it starts to copy them to the same bloody folder they’re in.

I must admit, though, the fix isn’t that intuitive (it’s not bad, it’s just not easy to find), so I don’t so bad about all the millions of wasted megabytes of copied files I’ve created over the years!