Configuring the IBM Domino Server to Show the Mobile Login Form to Android Users

Just like many programmers have today, I’ve been starting to do a little bit of mobile development on the side with the Domino server, and I’ve been discovering the little tweaks IBM has been doing here and there to make Domino more mobile-friendly.  For instance, upon navigating your web browser to a Domino app with your iPhone or iPad, you’re greeted with a touch-friend version of the standard login screen:

Unfortunately, this special login view was apparently not extended to users of Android devices, as I found when I tried to login with my phone.  I was provided with the standard login screen, which is not very mobile-friendly at all.

Now, when you do finally login with your non-iOS mobile device, the actual database, such as your mailfile, will detect your non-iOS mobile device, and load an appropriate mobile interface.  Interesting.

So, I figured that a lot of the default Domino coding could detect non-iOS devices, but for some reason the login window portal (a database named DominoWebAccessRedirect.nsf) doesn’t.  I delved into the code for a bit, finding some interesting bits of code, and a reference to @GetProfileField that apparently grabbed a list of user-agent data (from a profile document) that was checked against the user trying to login. 

Figuring that there must be some way to edit that document, I did a little bit of Google searching, and found that it’s actually rather easy:

First, open up DominoWebAccessRedirect.nsf in your Notes Client:

Click on “Setup”, and then click on “Ultra-lite/Mobile Settings”:

Then, under “Mobile Device User Agent Keywords”, enter whatever you like.  Something tells me that “android” will probably be entered here already for you by default on the next release.

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